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Frequently Asked Tree Service Questions


Depends on location, difficulty, size, removal of debris or not.
Depends on location, size, clean up or not, cost is more effective when there are multiple stumps to be removed. All jobs need to be evaluated and estimated for accurate pricing for us and customer.
Yes, we can if conditions are right. It's actually a good time as the ground is frozen, so less chance for damage to a lawn, etc. The daytime temperature must be warm enough so we can practice safe tree services.
Home insurance generally does not cover removal of the tree unless it falls on a fence, garage or home and causes damage. Sometimes home insurance will pay for removing a tree if it falls and blocks your driveway. Or, if you're disabled, home insurance might pay if the tree blocks a wheelchair ramp.
When a tree falls over onto a neighbor's property, that neighbor should submit a claim to his or her insurance company immediately. The insurance company is usually responsible for taking care of the damages. This is true if the tree fell over due to an act of nature.
Size is also considered when planting shade or other trees, because they vary in height and spread. Large trees, up to 70 feet or more should be planted at least 20 feet from the home, medium-sized trees up to 70 feet tall, 15 feet from the home, and small trees 30 feet tall or less, 8 to 10 feet from the home.

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